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PilatesMan Class Descriptions


Intro to Pilates Matwork

Intro classes are designed for anyone wanting to start Pilates for the first time, for those who have had a break from it, or for anyone unsure about which level they should start at with a different teacher. These classes are geared towards awareness, technique and control, and focus on the three main principles of alignment, breathing and centring (core stability).

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Improver Matwork

These classes are for anyone who has completed the Intro to Pilates course and is looking for a greater challenge in their routine, or someone who has done some Pilates elsewhere. We build on the main 15-20 exercises from the Intro course and add progressions to these, as well as introducing other exercises and small equipment, such as the Theraband (for resistance) or small ball.

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Improver/Intermediate Matwork

This is a more general class aimed at clients who have attended several blocks at Improver level and are again looking for an increase in both challenge and work rate. We use the small equipment for feedback and to build awareness, but also to add challenge to some exercises while reducing the challenge in others, in preparation for the Advanced classes.

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This class is aimed at any client who has attended at least a block of Improver/Intermediate classes and is looking for a greater challenge, particularly in the core exercises. We will focus on a large range of exercises and transition smoothly from one exercise to the next so as to maximise on the work done throughout the hour.

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Advanced Matwork

This class takes many exercises from Joseph Pilates' original matwork repertoire. We aim to work with fluidity from one exercise to the next so that the session flows through as many exercises as possible while retaining the important principles learnt through each of the various stages to this point.
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Antenatal Pilates

The benefits of antenatal Pilates during pregnancy for both mother and baby are well known and varied, ranging from pain management through greater breathing technique and improved posture to reduce general aches and pains, to preparing pelvic floor muscles for control during the birth, as well as developing general fitness appropriate to birth, and preparing particularly the upper body for the demands of infant care and breastfeeding.

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Postnatal Pilates

This is a mother and baby (pre-crawling) class for anyone who is at least six weeks postpartum and has had their doctor's check-up. This is a vital class that starts very slowly and gently, encouraging your body to draw back together after some very big changes over the previous nine months plus.

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