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About PilatesMan


Charlie Kelly Owner & Founder of PilatesMan

–Body Control Pilates® and Reps Level 3 teacher/supervising teacher

–Ante- and Postnatal certified

–Older Person and Osteoporosis certified

–Small Equipment certified
–Studio Equipment certified

I have been practising Pilates for 16 years, originally to alleviate a sports injury and now, crucially, to maintain and further develop a healthy, flexible body, strong core and good posture, not to mention to take advantage of some of the lesser-known benefits: improved sleep, more energy and a physical efficiency that aids other movements in everyday life. In addition to this, as a busy working father of one-year-old twin boys, the discipline ensures that I have time to breathe and redress the balance mentally, during what is inevitably a full-on week, every week. Over time, my involvement in Pilates has evolved, with different teachers, classes, equipment and influences from other physical arenas such as barefoot running all playing their part, seeing me through to qualifying as a teacher and developing these skills further.

I have been interested in the human anatomy since studying photography at art college, and after graduating I went on to become a fashion and social-commentary photographer as a way of exploring this further. During this time, I was advised to take up Pilates by an osteopath I went to see after injuring my back playing squash. I did so, and, as well as immediately starting to see and feel a vast improvement, I felt a strong connection with the effective simplicity of the system and its corresponding theories. After practising the discipline for several years and finding myself more interested in the inner workings of the body than the exterior and all its colourful trappings, I decided to broaden my horizons and train as a Body Control Pilates instructor in order to enhance my knowledge and in turn pass that knowledge on, hopefully helping others to be more in tune with their bodies as a result.

In addition, preparing to become a parent and witnessing the extreme physical changes that my wife went through during her pregnancy and afterwards encouraged me to learn more about the physical repercussions of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum months and years, and how Pilates can ease and support this process. As a result, I am a fully trained teacher of antenatal and postnatal Pilates.

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