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Private Sessions and Client Assessments


Private Sessions

Private sessions are perfect for anyone who struggles to find the time to attend a regular class, who would prefer to work privately, or for any matwork clients who are keen to further their understanding of the work performed in the class. Sessions will be conducted in your own home, lasting one hour, and include various pieces of small equipment such as Therabands and balls, to add greater feedback or challenge.

Sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and you will start with the matwork repertoire as a foundation and starting point. As you move, weaknesses, imbalances and difficulties will become clear, giving rise to further exercises to strengthen or release where necessary.

Private sessions can be shared between couples, friends or groups with no extra charge for two people, but £10 per person per session thereafter. The booking of these sessions can be done via email or phone. Each participant will be required to fill out a client enrolment form prior to your first session.

Private Sessions at PilatesMan

Client Assessments

Client assessment sessions are for new clients who are unsure about going straight into a class, would like to understand more about Pilates and how it can work for them, or who have a physical difficulty that needs further understanding from me. This may only become apparent once you have filled in the client enrolment form (see below), and the information submitted warrants greater clarity. The session may be used to assess the area in need of special attention, your spinal movements and range of movements in other joints of the body, as well as to explain the main aims and principles of Pilates.

If you are unsure whether this is necessary, feel free to email your enquiry with your client enrolment form, and I will let you know how best to proceed. The client enrolment form is a confidential form containing a series of questions that will give me a greater understanding of your physical abilities and difficulties as well as your requirements and goals. Space on the form is provided to include more details where appropriate, and I will refer to your form over time to assess your progress and ensure your goals are being met.

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