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If you are already attending or have attended PilatesMan classes in the past, it would be really helpful if you could spare five minutes to add your testimonial here. You can update whenever you see fit, and it's always good for others to read about the lesser-known benefits, improved sleep, greater fitness, diminished pain or anything else you might like to add that could help potential clients to gain a greater understanding of the real benefits of Pilates, and specifically with PilatesMan.



  • “I have been doing Pilates for many years but since joining Charlie’s classes, as one of his oldest, if not the oldest client (I am 82), I have benefited so much from his very precise way of working ie not letting me get away with any bad habits that I had acquired over the years. My lower back has improved – in fact, I have generally felt an all-round improvement, but most of all, I enjoy his classes.”         

    Sandy, Ealing

  • “Charlie Kelly is a very good teacher – patient, funny and demanding. He expects a high level of concentration and effort in class and pays detailed attention to each individual’s technique, so I feel I am learning a lot and creating a very solid foundation in Pilates. Charlie’s hour-long class goes by in a flash, not only because it is fun but because the level of concentration that is needed helps clear the mind of the concerns of the day. Highly recommended.”

    Andrea, Ealing


  • “As an orchestral conductor, good posture, strength and flexibility are essential prerequisites. I took Charlie's introduction to Pilates course and I have already become more aware of my core, pelvis and posture at work and day to day. I'm looking forward to advancing further in Pilates.”

    Matthew, Hanwell

  • “Having had a break from Pilates for two years, I discovered Charlie and have been coming to his Hanwell class since March 2013. I look forward to the class, and with a 13-year-old back injury it sorts me out for the week ahead!”

    Julie, Brentford

  • “I've been coming to Charlie's excellent Intermediate Pilates class every week for almost a year now. I come because my posture, flexibility and abdominal strength have always been poor, and the classes help me address all those issues. Charlie focuses on technique, checking and adjusting each person's position and alignment throughout the different exercises. I have been to other classes but Charlie's is by far the best for ensuring everyone is performing each exercise correctly, and that makes a big difference.”

    Jenny, Hanwell

  • “Twelve months ago I slipped a disc and having gone through a lot of physio I was told I should try Pilates, so, having found Charlie on the Internet I've been going to weekly sessions ever since.

    Charlie is a good bloke and makes you feel really comfortable in the classes, and I've never done anything like this before, so that was an important factor for me.

    A year on, and I still go every week, I'm not in pain … and amazingly I can almost touch my toes, I'm definitely standing straighter and feel much healthier … I should have started Pilates years ago.”

    Simon, Ealing

  • "I've been going to Charlie's classes once a week for over a year now and they've certainly helped to increase my flexibility and core body strength, which is important when you get into your sixties and want to still live an active life. Charlie makes the classes fun but ensures you do it right and at the level that suits you."

    Gay, Brentford

  • “I have been going to PilatesMan classes for over a year now; it's the longest I've stuck to any form of exercise class! Charlie is a great Pilates teacher. I definitely feel stronger, more flexible, and with greater awareness of my ‘core’ muscles and body than ever before!”

    Kate, Hanwell

  • “I have been attending the PilatesMan classes once a week at Intro level for about six weeks now. There is a lot to learn about one’s movements and body, it is very interesting and I feel that it is an exercise routine that will grow on me and challenge me. I used to think that Pilates was a fast exercise, but it is rather like Yoga. As a teacher, Charlie is knowledgeable and encouraging, putting you at ease with the exercises, explaining them well and always interested in your questions. The atmosphere in class is warm and enjoyable. I enjoy the discipline of a regular class and look forward to progressing at my own pace. I recommend this class to anyone who would like to begin exercising and doesn't know where to start.”

    Jean, Isleworth

  • “I was sceptical about the benefits of Pilates. Charlie’s wider knowledge of the human body and his teaching approach has converted me.”

    Piran, Ealing

  • “After a year and a half of attending a gym and putting my body through anaerobic exercise regimes I often found myself experiencing tension and tightness in my muscles. Even after stretching before and after exercise it didn't seem to help. I thought this is the price you pay for being 40!! Luckily this was not the case.

    A PilatesMan flyer came through the letterbox and I thought I would give Pilates a go. Charlie sent me details of classes, cost and answered all my queries. This was followed by a one-to-one session where Charlie went through the basic principle of the exercises, giving details with his model of the spine. Charlie answered all my questions of how Pilates could work for my specific needs. A quick health check was also discussed to make sure that Pilates was safe for me. This session is very useful and important for maximising the benefits of the classes as a novice to Pilates and also a chance to highlight and resolve any issues or concerns for client and instructor in confidence.

    I have been attending Charlie’s Beginners Matwork classes for six months now. Pilates has lived up to my expectations. It has helped with the tension and tightness in my muscles as well as improving my balance, strength, flexibility and posture. I often use some of the Pilates exercises during my gym work too, giving me a holistic dimension to my exercise routine.

    The Pilates classes themselves are relaxed but informative, with Charlie always keeping a close eye on your technique and correcting you when you lose momentum. Before each session, Charlie always asks how our bodies are so he is aware of any problems at the beginning of each class to envisage any difficulties you may have and so tailor or adapt an exercise for you.

    With the range of days, times and venues to choose from there is no reason for you to miss out on a class. I would definitely recommend Pilates with PilatesMan for anyone thinking of taking up Pilates. Thanks Charlie :-)”

    Sabina, Northfields

  • “For nearly two years I have attended the Improvers class on a weekly basis. My aim is to support and strengthen an injured shoulder, which can in turn affect my lower back. The classes work on core strength with stretching, and for me I feel my posture has improved; my shoulder only occasionally plays up but overall I enjoy the feeling of wellbeing. Charlie delivers a varied routine each week, happily demonstrating corrections and new exercises; he works towards the quality of movement over quantity, which ensures the class produces the right results.”

    Anny, Northfields

  • “When I first met Charlie I thought I was experienced as I had been attending various Pilates classes for approximately six years and was rather concerned that I would have to join Charlie's classes as a Beginner all over again!

    However – it's the best decision I have ever made as I have actually learnt how to do the exercises properly, and I am still learning!

    Charlie is an excellent teacher – he is patient, gives excellent supervision and makes every class an enjoyable experience. He is always willing to demonstrate the exercises and gives individual attention to help you get the exercises right! I would recommend Pilates with Charlie to anyone – he has really helped me to feel fit again.”

    Jos, Ealing

  • “I’ve been attending Charlie’s Pilates classes for the last eighteen months. I started off as a Beginner but now attend his ‘Improver – Intermediate’ Matwork class. My main aim was to improve my stomach muscle tone after having my two children. I can see a definite improvement of my general muscle tone as well as the all-important flatter tummy – even though I only do one class a week.

    I like the way Charlie teaches. He is enthusiastic and quickly gauges abilities, which enables him to give enough individual attention during the group sessions. He also encourages pushing the boundaries to lead to improvement in movement range. I would encourage anyone to take up Pilates with Charlie!”

    Karien, Ealing

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